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About GG

 Deborah (GG) developed a taste for fashion at the young age of 5. Not realizing what she was doing at the time when ripping her mother's curtains and tablecloths to make her barbie doll clothes. All she wanted to do was make her doll look better than the other girls dolls in the apartment complex. After many spankings, her mother realized, “This girl has something” and at the age of 8 was her very first trip to the fabric store. To this day GG will still make a dress out of anything! Why not, you never know what you’ll create. The ability to take a piece of fabric or anything else for that matter and mold it into a beautiful masterpiece is extremely gratifying. GG inspirations comes from Haute Couture designers, her grandmother's closet as well as the vintage looks of the 30’s and 40’s. Deborah loves intricate designs and like to treat the body like a blank canvas, with fabric as her medium. When a woman wears a GG Collection she feels powerful and confident. Although GG Collections may not be for every woman, it is however for the woman who dares to be different! 


 GG wants her design not only to influence all women, but also the fashion industry. She is passionate about making all women feel confident! As soon as that fabric hits her customers body she wants them to feel good about themselves, because daring to be different is to be different, if you dare!  

 If your clothes are not becoming to you, then you should be coming to me! 


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We offer the most unique fashion you could ever find. We are located in Milwaukee, WI. We make one of a kind outfits for any occasion, whether you are going to a club, going to a business meeting, going to a family party, and even for everyday wear, GG Collections has you covered. Come check out our store today and find what suits you! 

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